The ultimate cleaning solution revealed!

You guessed it- Baking Soda!

The uses of baking soda can be used for multiple purposes around your house, take advantage of all its uses, to name a few: Cooking, Pest control, personal hygiene, paint and corrosion removal and of course- a cleaning agent.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate, better known as baking soda has extraordinary uses. The paste made from baking soda mixed with water can be used as a great home cleanser. The paste, if diluted with warm water, can be useful in removing tough stains caused from coffee and tea. While removing stains from clothing, it can also be useful on bathroom and kitchen surfaces such as countertops, kitchen sinks, toilets, and faucets. The gentle yet powerful properties of baking soda can even be used to remove surface rust, only if mixed with cold water, as warm water can corrode steel.

And the List goes on…

This powerful chemical free cleaning agent can:
Remove odors from furniture and carpets. Simple sprinkle the material with the powder, let sit for an extended period of time and then vacuum clean.

Erase crayon marks on walls and other surfaces. If your children decide to draw all over the walls, create a paste of half baking soda and warm water and apply it to the area. Dry and wipe away.

Clean your tile floors. Simply mix a half cup of baking soda and warm water to a mopping bucket. Mop the floor and rinse leaving a lasting clean kitchen floor.


A little box of baking soda goes a long way toward making your house look and smell fresh. While other multipurpose cleansers cost a pretty penny, humble baking soda gives you the best of both worlds. Effective and affordable. And of course a healthy alternative to the chemicals found in your common cleaning brands.

This sodium bicarbonate salt does everything from making cakes rise to cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens. Consider it the miracle solution that no home should be without.

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